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Our games are designed to accelerate and provide you with the right tools to maximise the output.

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Playing and doing is the  best way to learn, and the more effectively and efficiently you do, the faster you will learn.

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You have to unleash your creativity and imagination to power up your problem solving efforts.

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Innovating faster and more effectively means your people have to work together, learn fast and have fun.

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We don’t pretend to teach anyone how to run their business. We would just like you to try and put your hands on it, and have a direct experience. We are sure you will be impressed by our approach and the powerful impact of serious play.

Barbara Sala Barbara Sala

Gamification has been so important, because it brought a great value in a very short time, over complex challenges where collective intelligence is a way more valuable than the individual one. It helped us in quickly on-boarding people on our strategy, business plan and tangible value contents, since they contributed in creating them.


Francesca Salotto Francesca Salotto

I am really grateful to this team, in the name of Framis, because they helped us in maximising our innovation capabilities. They helped me and my team to support our change, introducing their new methodologies that impacted our culture and business processes (as the innovation process, above all).


Antonella Candiotto Antonella Candiotto

Innovation, for us, means to have different relationships with our customers, in order to satisfy them and bring the highest value possible.

This method helped us in getting some confirmation on what we were thinking, and shed some light on our innovation activities.

Today, all our employees are able to assess if any idea they have, is valuable or not for the customer.


Francesca Posocco Francesca Posocco

Usually when you think to a new business model, you use to look outside: at new markets or new services. Thanks to this method we looked at what we already had inside, and new business opportunities popped up with no need to search for or invest in something new.


Giorgio Zanchetta Giorgio Zanchetta

After using these games we figured out that we were missing some important steps in the process. The analysis we did enabled us to integrate both commercial and communication strategies, and to improve the process by using the right tools at every step.




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