ain't a GAME* home innovation is A SERIOUS GAME You cannot miss the opportunity to help your business with a serious approach Get in touch ain't a Game home serious play will BOOST YOUR BUSINESS Join our community of serious players and become more successful in growing your business Choose your game ain't a GAME home learn how to be MORE EFFECTIVE Sitting and waiting for things to happen is not wise, therefore you shall innovate more successfully. Ask for a demo

The right games for your business

Boost innovation


Our games are designed to accelerate and provide you with the right tools to maximise the output.

Learn faster


Playing and doing is the  best way to learn, and the more effectively and efficiently you do, the faster you will learn.

Unstop the brain


You have to unleash your creativity and imagination to power up your problem solving efforts.

Be invincible


Innovating faster and more effectively means your people have to work together, learn fast and have fun.

Just decide from where you want to start


strategic innovation & marketing

find your way to rethink or rework your business strategy, make it more dynamic and adaptive, and then grow by bringing the right value to your customers


smarter innovation management

find your way to improve how you manage innovation, design processes, ideate, frame and solve problems, and funnel your next opportunities for your business growth

Play with us, and you'll never get back to normal!

We don’t pretend to teach anyone how to run their business. We would just like you to try and put your hands on it, and have a direct experience. We are sure you will be impressed by our approach and the powerful impact of serious play.


XSTORE Studio for Elementor – 250+ pre-defined layouts

Don't miss the chance! PLAY SERIOUSLY